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Before you use MUSE for the first time, a doctor or nurse will have to give you a demonstration of how to do so, and may supervise your first application of it. You should not attempt to use it without having received these instructions first. But for those who haven’t used MUSE before, we thought it might be helpful to put together a brief guide detailed what using it involves. Caverject ®, Viridal ® Duo, Vitaros ® and MUSE ® are not prescribable in NHS primary care for the treatment of erectile dysfunction except in men who meet the criteria listed in part XVIIIB of the Drug Tariff (Part XIb of the Northern Ireland Drug Tariff, Part 12 of the Scottish Drug Tariff). The prescription must be endorsed 'SLS'. Sometimes, Alprostadil may require some experimentation to find a dosage suitable for providing an erection that lasts for up to 1 hour. The MUSE urethral application of Alprostadil is often given in doses of around micrograms, adjusted according to the response of the individual patient.

Clinical use of alprostadil topical cream in patients with erectile dysfunction: a review

The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care. What next? Compare all 14 medications used in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Some thickening, no erection.

It doesn't work but Muse alprostadil application have a lot more of it. Yohibe work great for me but I think I overdid it. After 20 minutes ready to go. Takes about 90 to minutes before wearing off.

Works with no viagra like effects headache works while drinking, muse alprostadil application. It's a 10 with me. The applicator seems that it is still full of medicine. I followed all of the directions that came with the product. I noticed that my penis started to harden up a little then quit. I wonder what I am doing wrong". I had tried everything from injections, pills, pumps and now medical Muse. The key is to determine what works for you.

When I first began to use this medication I used a penis pump. The pump comes with different size rings for your penis. I pumped the penis up, then remove it out of the pump and I insert the Muse into the head of the penis and re-pump. After 8 mins or so I slide the ring off the pump on to the shaft or base of the penis.

The penis will muse alprostadil application hard and the ring will help keep the blood inside the penis. Best position is standing over the bed while your partner lay on the bed, muse alprostadil application. Side effects for me are; a little discomfort in the groin area but hell, it's worth it also swelling of veins in the lower left leg.

Women don't care how you get it hard, as long as you get it hard. I muse alprostadil application had no complain. PS, use your pump ever day to mimic a hard-on that we use to get every morning. I have used Muse 5 times. One time worked out as planned and the two other times it let me down. Another time I had an erection for 4 hrs, muse alprostadil application. So in short it seems undependable and I get an uneasy feeling to try it again.

Plus it takes too long to get it from the drug store. Is there a production issue.? I was thinking about using the injection method I'm so glad I didn't. Muse is so so easy to use., muse alprostadil application. Very easy to apply. It caused some thickening in my penis but not hard at all. Left me with a feeling of discomfort in the shaft of my penis for about 4 hours. Have used a pump in the past with good results, guess that I will stick with this, Have tried Viagra and Cialis in the past with poor results, muse alprostadil application.

Great thing with the pump, a once only outlay and it works every time", muse alprostadil application. But a good type burning. You can feel feel the blood entering the penis and stays there with a little rubbing. Only side effects are slight burning and aching.

Lasts for me 2 hours. I am healthy 70 year old retired physical education teacher who looks 55 So much better than the ED pills without side effects". Haven't tried while standing though.

Fairly strong penile aching with hr. I've had somewhat better results muse alprostadil application a vacuum pump and retainer ring. The best thing so far was "Trimix" intracavernosal injection - a good hard erection, no pain - but the last batch was not particularly effective, and I don't know if the compounding pharmacy used dated materials, or my response is declining with age. Viagara and Cialis do nothing for me, muse alprostadil application.

My erections last 2 to 4 hours. My penis is rock hard. No other medication has given me the results I get with Muse. Application is easy enough and what effect it had was within 10 min or so. I got a fairly soft erection that lasted about 40 minutes. It seemed to work better standing going to down to almost muse alprostadil application effect if I lay on my back.

I noticed quite an ache in the penis for a couple of hours. Allowed more blood flow. Was hard for maybe 2 min then was like a valve turned on and it just drained away. Was a little more discomfort during play, really on the fence with this, will try a few more times, diabetic with 2 back surgery's. Last surgery took a lot of it away. Second time not as good. We will keep trying. Believe we need to take it out of refrigerator and let it warm up a bit might help, I don't know.

My diabetes and wife fibromyalgia or how ever you spell it. We will keep on trying". My erections just were not strong enough to facilitate good sex for myself nor my wife and I was loosing any sensation. But only a couple of times.

The feeling I got was like being kicked in the groin. The second time was just as bad! I have NEVER felt anything like the aching and discomfort I experienced possibly outside of being kicked in the groin.

And my erection was just as weak as ever and my penis was so painful sex would have been impossible anyway. You can HAVE this muse alprostadil application. Did Muse at least 50 times. This I know, muse alprostadil application. Sure there might be pain in your penis, but look at the color of it. Bright purple rite,thats because there is more blood in their than even in your youth!

Did 5 mins a day on an elliptical machine reaching 15mins after a month. Did a Muse mcg. Could have hit it with a board, only an ice cold shower brought it down! All I got was a bit of a burning sensation in my urethra and a bit of numbness over most of my penis. I have mentally separated ejaculation from intercourse because what I primarily want is the sense of "oneness" with my mate. It's pretty useless for me. Does give a soft erection for a short time.

I didn't get the side effects like I do with the other brands, muse alprostadil application. All the other stuff really didn't do much of anything, muse alprostadil application made it noticeably bigger.

It gave me the initial erection but did not last long at all not even an hour. I am on many meds for Diabetes though so I'm sure that played a part. I will try it again for sure though. Also I am only on the mcg dose. I would say muse alprostadil application a start though much better than what has been going on. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

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MUSE® (alprostadil) urethral suppository


muse alprostadil application


Jun 05,  · MUSE® (alprostadil) urethral suppository. Please read this pamphlet before using MUSE® (alprostadil). This pamphlet is a quick reference source on important information about MUSE for you and your partner. Before administering MUSE, . User Reviews for Muse to treat Erectile Dysfunction. The following information is NOT intended to endorse drugs or recommend therapy. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient class: impotence agents. Jan 30,  · Caverject, Caverject Impulse, Edex, or Muse should not be used by women or by anyone under 18 years old. While using alprostadil pellets, use condoms during sex if your partner is pregnant or able to get pregnant. The effects of alprostadil on an unborn baby /